kandanos gorge

The Gorge of Kandanos is a place of exquisite naturalistic and historical importance, which is today endangered by the operation of a large quarry. The Gorge of Kandanos hosted the first battle between armed residents against governmental troops in the history of the Second World War.

On 24 May 1941, the residents of Kandanos fought against the Germans who headed towards Kandanos, the day after the battle in Floria where all Germans, except one, were killed.

On the occasion of this reason the Germans razed Kandanos and the surrounding villages, while executing dozens of civilians. Even today there has been no justice for the atrocities of the Germans at Kandanos and Floria, like all other martyr-villages of Crete.

Apart from its historical significance, the canyon is full with cypress trees and dense vegetation. Moreover the canyon is still crossed by the wonderful stone road that headed to Chania, built by the local people (end of 1920s). The road is an excellent sample of preindustrial construction.