Social entrepreneurship is doing a business for a social cause. You take innovative and business-like approaches to improve lives in your community and address different social issues.You create jobs and generate income like other businesses but instead of channeling the profits to owners, you reinvest them to support a social mission.

Social entrepreneurs combine commerce and social issues in a way that improves the lives of people connected to the cause.They are encouraged to develop an awareness and understanding of how businesses can help to address social problems and offer practical experience in planning and setting up their own social enterprise.

People are often attracted to that use of social entrepreneurship model because they help solve social problems when spending money on something they need or want.

Entrepreneurship education, in turn, benefits students because it teaches kids to think outside the box. Pupils develop an awareness and understanding of how businesses can help to address social issues. It offers better education choices and helps students explore and discover their skills, turn their ideas into action, develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Eventually, they eventually become able to cope with competitive labor situations.

The activities we have designed, within the entrepreneurship framework, are:

  • webpage creation to present and promote our activities

  • olive-oil soap making to give prominence to the diverse potentials of our main local product, olive oil

  • tracking down and mapping of hiking trails in our prefecture for visitors to enjoy.

  • cloth shopping bags making to replace the use of plastic bags in supermarkets.

  • creation of QR codes with a historic overview of the most important local monuments. We consider very useful for visitors to get some knowledge of our landmarks' history.

We aim at presenting our project to the Erasmus partner schools and teach them how they can reproduce it to their own reality and, in turn, we will act respectively with theirs. This way, there will be a real good practices exchange which will enrich the interactiveness of the project. The money raised from the promotion of the soaps and the shopping bags,as well as from the activities during the 2nd year of the project will be offered to a local charitable organisation.

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