Vavouledo Gorge

The small gorge Vavouledo is located in the region Palaia Roumata, in the Mount Apopigadi near the settlement Lidiana in the hinterland of Chania.

It forms an easy “circular” route. Hikers start from the Hamalevri of Old Roumata, where from the church of St. George – one kilometer east of the village – starts the path to the river bed of the gorge Vavouledo. Inside the gorge, you will go through chestnut trees and plane trees.

In Lidiana, the Gorge Vavouledo “intersects” with the Gorge Trachinou and both end at the Mansions of Old Roumata. There, after the end of the hiking, you can find restaurants where you can eat and rest and visit the historic and folk museum with the rich exhibits dating back to 1866.